Bad Credit Mortgages with CCJ’s

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Bad Credit Mortgage with CCJ’s

Applying for a mortgage with CCJ’s showing on your credit history can make obtaining a new mortgage every difficult, most high street lenders will not allow defaults in the last 6 years. At Plus Financial solutions we have lenders that will accept CCJs within certain parameters.

What is a County Court Judgement?

CCJ is a judgment that a county court issues when someone has failed to pay money that they owe. CCJs are a simple way for creditors to claim the money they’re entitled to. Lenders will be able to see the date the CCJ was registered along with the amount of the judgement and information on any balance outstanding.

What level of CCJ’s will our lenders accept?

CCJ’s within the last 3 months:

No lenders available

CCJ’s within last 2 years:

Up to 85% of the property value, up to 5 CCJs with no limit

CCJ’s over 2 years:

Up to 85% of the property value, unlimited CCJ’s to any amount

CCJ’s over 3 years:

Up to  90% of the property value, unlimited CCJ’s and amount

CCJ’s over 4 years:

Up to 95% of property value, no limits on amount or size

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We have lenders who will accept County Court Judgements, even within the last 12 months! Contact us today!


Having a default doesn’t mean you cant get a mortgage. We help our clients get mortgages even when they have had a default within the last 3 months!


Missing a mortgage payment can make it hard to get a mortgage. If you have missed a couple of payments in the last 12 months we can help!