Applying for a mortgage with missed mortgage payments showing on your credit history can make obtaining a new mortgage every difficult, most high street lenders will not allow missed mortgage payments in the last 2 years minimum. At Plus Financial solutions we have lenders that will accept mortgage arrears within certain parameters.


An account is said to be in arrears if the debt, liability, or obligation expected is overdue. If one or more payments have been missed in transactions where regular payments are contractually required, such as a mortgage. A missed mortgage payment will show as a 1 on your credit report. Missed 2 an a row and it will show as a 2, and so on. Any mortgage arrears within the last 12 months will make it difficult to find a new lender.


 Arrears within the last 6 months:

No lenders available

Arrears within the last 12 months:

Up to 85% of the property value, up to 1 missed payment

Arrears within the last 2 years:

Up to 85% of the property value with up to a status 2 (2 missed payments in a row). Or up to 75% of the property value with unlimited arrears

Arrears over 3 years ago:

Up to  90% of the property value, unlimited arrears

CCJ’s over 4 years:

Up to 95% of property value, unlimited arrears

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