Can I get a mortgage with bad credit if my partner has good credit?

Does it help you your partner has good credit when applying for a bad credit mortgage?

While it can help if one partner has a good credit score, most high street lenders will typically score the mortgage on the worst credit score out of any of the applicants meaning any bad credit showing will result in the mortgage being declined. Unfortunately, even if one applicant has a perfect credit score an application can still be declined if the other applicant has had some credit issues in the past.

Hope is not lost! Some of the adverse lenders will take a more sensible approach and will assess an application on its own merits, this can be beneficial if one applicant has a good score as this can boost the overall look of an application in the eyes of an underwriter. Depending on how bad your credit history is if your partner has a good credit rating it may be enough to help get your application agreed.

It is important to bear in mind that you will still need to jointly pass the lenders criteria in terms of both affordability and credit history. We would always recommend that speak to an expert mortgage adviser as early as possible to ensure to don’t further damage your chances of obtaining a mortgage by applying to the wrong mortgage lenders.

Whatever your circumstance, if you need help obtaining a bad credit mortgage speak to us today and we will offer you free advice and guide you to your most suitable options. For fast, free, whole of market, bad credit mortgage advice contact us today on 01604 328 091!!!



How to check my broker is offering me the best deal?

Getting the best mortgage deal!

Using a whole of the market mortgage broker can often seem the best way to get a good deal when looking for a new mortgage, but how do you know if they truly offering you the best deal?

Like all purchases, the easiest way to check is to do a comparison.  You can easily do this yourself or speak to another broker or even your bank.

To check yourself simply have a quick look on the mortgage comparison sites online and check out some of the best buys. It will quickly become clear if the deal you are being offered is competitive. Don’t forget to include any fees when comparing rates.

If you are still not sure, speak to another mortgage broker, most will quickly be able to confirm if they have a better deal available.

At Plus Financial Solutions we always recommend you shop around to ensure you are always getting the very best rate for your personal circumstances.

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Top 5 mortgage lenders for people with bad credit!

Top Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

As a bad credit specialist with over 10 years experience helping our clients find the best bad credit mortgages we have compiled a short list of our top 5 lenders for a poor credit mortgage:

1)Precise Mortgage – One of the largest lenders specialising in helping clients with poor/bad credit. They operate a tier system offering lower rates to those with minor adverse and higher rates to those with poorer credit. They can potentially accept defaults and CCJ’s after 3 months, will consider debt management plans and lend up to 85% on purchases and remortgages. They also do 100% on right to buy and offer mortgages on the help to buy schemes.  Payday loans can be considered.

2) Pepper Home Loans – Offer competitive rates for slight/medium poor credit. Typically will accept defaults and CCJ’s over 12 months old. They credit search rather than credit score. No payday loans within the last 12 months. Maximum lend up to 85% on both a purchase or remortgage.

3) Kensington – Offer low rates for those with historic adverse/bad credit over 2 years old. Normally would expect no missed payments within the last 24 months up to 85% maximum of the property value. Currently, they will lend up to 90% if no bad credit within the past 36 months for purchases and remortgages.

4) The Mortgage Lender – lending up to 85%, also operate a tier system with lower rates for slight bad credit issues. Can accept recent defaults and CCJ’sover 3 months old up to £1500 within 12 months. Debt management plans considered if well maintained.

5) Magellan Home Loans – Will consider various levels of adverse credit. Potentially ignoring CCJ and Defaults over 12 months old on some products. No credit scoring. Mortgage arrears over 12 months old can be considered. Ex-bankrupt considered 24 months after discharge. IVA’s considered after 24months since started and now satisfied.


As you can see from the details above, these specialist lenders all have their own niches. If you have poor credit and are looking for a mortgage we believe the best option is to speak to a mortgage broker who is an expert in the adverse market to ensure you receive only the best advice for your circumstances.

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***Please note the information provided is only accurate on the date it was published. Lenders criteria changes daily and this information does not constitute advice.******

10 top tips to avoid being rejected for a mortgage! 

Below are 10 simple ways to help you avoid being refused a mortgage:

1) Check your credit report,  probably the most obvious reasons for being declined credit. Before applying by for a mortgage you should check your file. Most high Street lenders will only deal with you if you have a perfect credit report. If your report isn’t great the best bet would be to speak to a mortgage broker. You can check your report free with or

2) Check affordability. Most lenders will not lend more than 4 and a half times your income and will want to do a full affordability assessment. Before applying to a lender make sure you use their online affordability calculator to see if they will offer the amount you need, the maximum a lender will offer differs greatly from one lender to another. If you are struggling to get the amount you need a mortgage broker may be able to help find a more suitable lender.

3) Check employment criteria, a lender will typically want a minimum of 1-year employment history or at least 2 years self-employed income. If you have recently become self-employed or returned to employment if may be difficult to find a lender to accept your income.

4) Debt consolidation can also be a factor, many lenders have restrictions on both the amount you can consolidate and the maximum loan available. Existing debt can also have a big impact on mortgage affordability. It maybe worthwhile discussing options with a mortgage broker before proceeding.

5) Check you fit the loan to value. Lenders restrict the maximum loan to property value for different products before applying make sure you fall into the right bracket. Some lenders will only lend up to 85%, while some still go as high at 95%.

6) Be realistic about your property value. It is important you are accurate with your property value, getting this wrong can cause big problems in the later stages of your application causing declines or higher interest rates. Do some property research online before you apply, look at for local sold prices.

7) Age restrictions, lenders will generally want you to be over 21 and expect the term to finish before you retire.

8) Source of deposit. For a purchase the lender will want to see where the deposit is coming from, they will expect to see funds available on bank statements. If being gifted they will need proof.

9) Ensure good bank account conduct, particularly in the most recent 3 months prior to your application. Most lenders will want to see bank statement to see your income and check affordability, having returned Direct debits, exceeding overdrafts and bank charges will raise alarm bells with any potential lender.

10) Avoid lots of credit searches. Multiple mortgage/loan applications will lower your credit rating. Make sure you only apply to the best lender for your needs and circumstances and avoid the risks of a declined application.

At Plus Financial Solutions we recommend you always speak to a qualified whole of market mortgage adviser to assess your options to help you make the best choice.

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