How to obtain your Equifax credit report

Noddle Credit Report Codes Explained

Can my bad credit affect my partner?

Can having bad credit report affect my spouse/partner?

If you have a bad credit score it will not directly affect your spouse’s credit score. Credit reports are completely independent and it will cause no harm to their credit report.
However, when you apply for a loan or mortgage together most lenders will look at both of your reports. The normally means if one of you has a bad credit history it will count against both of you. If applying for a mortgage this could mean a high street lender may decline your application. Similarly, when applying for a personal loan together it may increase the interest rate being charged.
If you are worried about your credit score, the first step would be to check your credit report online to check its accuracy. They are now many free options available including and
Once you have checked your credit report you can begin to assess your options and start improving your score. If looking to apply for a mortgage it may be a good idea to speak to a suitably mortgage broker who should be able to give you guidance on how best to proceed.
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Mortgage Lenders Who Don’t Credit Score

Which bad credit mortgage lenders don’t credit score?

Most high street lenders use a credit scoring system to assess mortgage applications, meaning anyone with a low or poor score can often face an uphill task simply trying to pass a lenders credit check.

When you are looking for a bad credit mortgage is it vital you find the most suitable lender for your needs to avoid being declined and making your credit score even worse. If you score is low it may be beneficial to find a lender that does a credit search as opposed to a standard credit score.

When a lender does a credit search rather and a credit score the lender will assess your credit history, looking any missed payment, defaults, CCJ’s etc. This can be very helpful in helping you obtain a bad credit mortgage. Becuase the look at your actual history they can then match it to their criteria and hopefully offer a suitable product. The is particularly helpful when your score has been brought down by a few small issues that an adverse lender may be willing to accept.

Below is a list of some of the lenders who do not credit score:

  • Kensington
  • Pepper Money
  • Magellan Home Loans
  • Aldermore
  • Bluestone Mortgages
  • Together Mortgages

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How to obtain your credit report free! 

Get Your Credit Report

Whether your credit or perfect or needs improving it is vital you monitor your credit report regularly. Not only to ensure it is accurate but also to help prevent fraud and identity theft.

Before applying for any form of credit we recommend you check your credit report, especially if you have any credit issues.

In addition, when applying for a mortgage with bad/poor credit any decent mortgage broker is going to need to assess your full credit report before they can place you with the best lender. The reason for this is simply that the exact dates of any credit issues and missed payment can drastically change the options and rates available. This is why it is so important to check the full report before finding the most suitable lender.

Luckily,  it is now easier than ever to obtain your credit report for free. Noodle current offers your full report completely free and both Equifax and Experian offer a 1 month free trails to access the full report. There are also numerous other options offering both paid and free reports.

At Plus Financial Solutions we recommend you obtain your report from they offer an easy to view report that you can also save or download. To access the report simply visit their website, answer a few security details and register. Once registered you will have full access to your credit report.

Below are links to some of the most popular options currently available:

If you need any help obtaining your report or help to find the perfect mortgage contact us free today 01604 328 091!