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How to check my broker is offering me the best deal?

Getting the best mortgage deal!

Using a whole of the market mortgage broker can often seem the best way to get a good deal when looking for a new mortgage, but how do you know if they truly offering you the best deal?

Like all purchases, the easiest way to check is to do a comparison.  You can easily do this yourself or speak to another broker or even your bank.

To check yourself simply have a quick look on the mortgage comparison sites online and check out some of the best buys. It will quickly become clear if the deal you are being offered is competitive. Don’t forget to include any fees when comparing rates.

If you are still not sure, speak to another mortgage broker, most will quickly be able to confirm if they have a better deal available.

At Plus Financial Solutions we always recommend you shop around to ensure you are always getting the very best rate for your personal circumstances.

If you need any help choosing a great mortgage deal, contact us today on 01604 328 091 for fast friendly advice.

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