How do you know if your broker is a bad credit specialist?

Bad Credit Mortgage Brokers

At Plus Financial our clients consistently tell us of bad experiences with other mortgage brokers who have been unable to help them secure a mortgage. The reason for this is normally the same, the broker they have tried using is not a bad credit specialist and has wasted their time applying to the wrong lenders with no success. Below are a couple of basic things you can do to ensure you are dealing with the right poor credit mortgage specialist:

  1. Check their website to see if they advertise for adverse/bad credit mortgages – a quick search on Google will quickly show whether they have expertise in the bad credit mortgage market.
  2. Ask which lenders are on their panel – any broker specialising in the poor credit market should have access to the top adverse lender, ask to see which lenders are on their panel and check they have access to the likes of Precise Mortgage, Kensington, Aldermore, Bluestone, Magellan, The Mortgage Lender, Pepper Home Loans, Etc..
  3. Get a second opinion – Like any major purchase is it vital you shop around and ensure you are getting the best deal, getting it wrong can cost thousands over a couple of years.

By following these simple tips you should have no problem finding good advice from a suitable broker.

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