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Noddle Credit Report Codes

What do the codes on Noddle’s Credit report mean?

Noddle currently allows you to obtain your credit report for free. You can do that via their website

We are often asked what the codes on the report mean so below you can find a brief explanation:

OK – payment has been made on time

AA – Missed payment, status 1 to 2, up to 2 payments late

BB – More serious arrears, status 3 to 6, meaning the payments are 3 to 6 months late

DF – Account is in default, payments have not been made and the lender/provider has defaulted the account

DA – Debt has been passed to a collection agency

PS – Partially settled

DM – the debt has gone into a debt management plan

VT – Voluntary Termination, terminated by agreement

UC – Unclassified, the provider hasn’t provided a status

ST – Account settled / Closed

SF – Satisfied after a defaulting

QY – Customer has queried the status

DT – Dormant, inactive account.

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