Right to buy with bad credit

Right to Buy with Bad Credit

Right to buy with Bad Credit

The right to buy scheme was launched on the 3rd October 1980, it was originally introduced as an incentive scheme to encourage council tenants to purchase the home they are living in at a discounted rate.

More recently in 2015, this scheme was also extended to tenants of the housing association.

The scheme is available to tenants of 3 years or more (and this doesn’t have to be in a row).

Discounts are currently set at a maximum discount is £80,900 across England, except in London boroughs where it’s £108,000

Please click here to check if you are eligible for a right to buy discount.

Here at Plus Financial Solutions, we are experts in helping people who have had credit history issues in the past.

We have lenders available who lend up to 100% of the discount price allowing you to buy your home without needing a deposit.

Having bad credit can make it very difficult to obtain a mortgage especially if you are using a Right to Buy discount.

The good news is Plus Financial Solutions can help, we have many lenders who will consider poor/bad credit including a history of defaults, CCJ’s and missed payments.


CALL:  01604 328 091

Whether you have missed or had late payments, incurred defaults, county court judgments or been made bankrupt or had an IVA, please call us today to see how we can help you secure your bad credit mortgage or remortgage.

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