Bad Credit Mortgages

Top 5 mortgage lenders for people with bad credit!

Top Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

As a bad credit specialist with over 10 years experience helping our clients find the best bad credit mortgages we have compiled a short list of our top 5 lenders for a poor credit mortgage:

1)Precise Mortgage – One of the largest lenders specialising in helping clients with poor/bad credit. They operate a tier system offering lower rates to those with minor adverse and higher rates to those with poorer credit. They can potentially accept defaults and CCJ’s after 3 months, will consider debt management plans and lend up to 85% on purchases and remortgages. They also do 100% on right to buy and offer mortgages on the help to buy schemes.  Payday loans can be considered.

2) Pepper Home Loans – Offer competitive rates for slight/medium poor credit. Typically will accept defaults and CCJ’s over 12 months old. They credit search rather than credit score. No payday loans within the last 12 months. Maximum lend up to 85% on both a purchase or remortgage.

3) Kensington – Offer low rates for those with historic adverse/bad credit over 2 years old. Normally would expect no missed payments within the last 24 months up to 85% maximum of the property value. Currently, they will lend up to 90% if no bad credit within the past 36 months for purchases and remortgages.

4) The Mortgage Lender – lending up to 85%, also operate a tier system with lower rates for slight bad credit issues. Can accept recent defaults and CCJ’sover 3 months old up to £1500 within 12 months. Debt management plans considered if well maintained.

5) Magellan Home Loans – Will consider various levels of adverse credit. Potentially ignoring CCJ and Defaults over 12 months old on some products. No credit scoring. Mortgage arrears over 12 months old can be considered. Ex-bankrupt considered 24 months after discharge. IVA’s considered after 24months since started and now satisfied.


As you can see from the details above, these specialist lenders all have their own niches. If you have poor credit and are looking for a mortgage we believe the best option is to speak to a mortgage broker who is an expert in the adverse market to ensure you receive only the best advice for your circumstances.

If you need any help finding your next mortgage contact us today for friendly, free, expert advice. 01604 328 091!


***Please note the information provided is only accurate on the date it was published. Lenders criteria changes daily and this information does not constitute advice.******

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